Andy Leon writes songs.  

Born in Mexico, now based in Los Angeles (with an assortment of homes in between), she is a pre-school teacher by day, performer by night: full-time musician with a lot of ideas.

After graduating from Emerson College in 2017, she released her first EP: Scooter Blues and a couple of music videos along with it later that fall. Her song "Blame", from the EP was featured in the Boston Globe's "Ultimate 2017 Playlist" and has appeared on several Spotify Discover Weekly playlists. Most recently, she is performing with her full band Andy Leon and The Great Mouse Parade around Los Angeles (be sure to catch a show if you can!). They just released their debut EP as a band in January, found on all streaming services (check out the reviews in the Press section!).

Andy Leon writes songs with the hope that they’ll make you: feel, remember, dance. 

Take a look. 

Have a listen.

Glad you're here. 



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