I Dreamt Of You Again

Spent several days wasting away

Wasting away in my thoughts 

Spent several weeks 

Wishing that I 

Wishing that you 

just forgot 


Trying to go back 

trying to fix that

Trying to stop 


Connecting the dots like constellations

Is difficult when I keep missing the point 

What’s even the point of conversations




goin' around in circles 

‘Round and ‘round till we’re purple 

Trying to stop 



Ooh dreamt of you two nights in a row

Maybe I should learn to let go

Feels impossible to let go 

Ooh holding on holding on

Trying to stop 



Words pour out from swollen lips

Slur out from finger tips 

Hopelessly hoping 

Feeling hopeless 

Feeling desperate

Trying to 


Ooh dreamt of you four nights in a row

Dreamt of you six nights in a row

Is it impossible to let go

Ooh holding on holding on 

Trying to stop (x2)